Reflecting Your Values


Your Consigliere

  • Estate and succession planning
  • Will planning and reviews with lawyer
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Private Foundation Management
  • Education for next generation
  • Coordinating, mediating, facilitating family discussions
  • Process creation and documentation
  • Lawyer search & selection
  • Security audit

Accounting Services

Our accounting process will bring peace of mind to your financial life. Our white glove service is designed to serve wealthy families with sophisticated reporting requirements.

Many of us have heard the phrase “you can’t measure what you don’t track”.

One of the cornerstones of our family office service is accurate and timely record keeping for you and all your other assets like your charitable foundation, trusts, holding companies, etc. Following the bookkeeping, our family office generates regular reports that detail your progress. We customize these reports in your preferred style and highlight the information you think is most important.

What you get out of our process:

  • Accurate and consistent financial records
  • Time and cost savings for your accountant
  • Better informed accounting advice
  • Awareness of how your capital is performing against your personal goals and benchmarks
  • Budgeting support to evaluate your financial goals
  • Significant reduction in your administrative burden for organizing correspondence, filling out different forms and coordinating annual review meetings
  • Sounding board to discuss accounting recommendations

Investing Services

Our investing services ensure your portfolio aligns with your values and produces successful results. We do this by combining progressive investing techniques with timeless wisdom.

Our investing process starts with identifying your core values and aligning them with the intention behind your financial goals. We believe that value alignment is crucial in crafting your own unique investment policy.

What you get out of our process:

  • Well crafted Investment Policy Statement for better informed decisions
  • Consistent monitoring of your investment portfolio 
  • Customized periodic reporting highlighting individual investments’ performance
  • Consolidated reporting comparing all your investments
  • Regular review and recommendations to optimize your investment portfolio
  • Independent evaluation of your current managers’ performance
  • Recommendations for investment managers who are aligned with your objectives
  • Sounding board to discuss investment decisions without overwhelm

Wealth Management Services

Our family office will act as your most trusted advisor to support the transfer of your wealth to future generations. We take the view that your impact and legacy reaches far beyond dollars and cents.

Our approach not only caters to your present needs, but also plans ahead for your legacy and intergenerational wealth transition. We provide a safe space to make your succession planning process as smooth as possible.

What you get out of our process:

  • Periodic review of your will and estate plans for optimization and alignment
  • Philanthropic support for your donations and/or private foundation
  • Managerial support to oversee your service providers such as property managers, personal service providers, travel arrangements, and other management functions
  • Professional search & selection of professional advisors such as accountants, lawyers, private bankers, mortgage brokers, etc. for better personality fit
  • Detailed documentation of your Wealth Management Process to be passed down to future generations for further refinement
  • Education and training sessions with your entire family for a smooth generational transfer
  • Safe space for all family members can feel safe to express their financial opinions 
  • Mediation for your family to have constructive conversations and maintain family harmony