Family Office Services

We've built our reputation delivering independent, reliable, and discreet family office services

Who We Are

We work as the personal CFO for a small number of Canada’s wealthiest families. Our clients appreciate that successfully managing their wealth today and transitioning their financial legacy to future generations requires a dedicated team of professionals.

Our family office services are customized to your family’s unique needs and financial goals.


How We Work

Our process begins with understanding your personal goals and values so we can determine how we can best help you. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor, someone you can rely on for personalized objective advice. We answer e-mails promptly and pick up the phone when anyone calls.

We care about providing great client service.


Join Our Team

Working at Markdale will provide you with the experience you need to advance your career. We have a job stream for current undergrads in computer science as Junior Full Stack Developers, and a job stream for aspiring CFA or CPA candidates as Junior Investment Associates. We encourage you to check out the jobs posted on our careers page.



When you call, we pick up the phone. When you send us an e-mail, we respond within 24 hours.


We believe being trustworthy is being someone others can rely on. Our clients are confident that when they need us, we will be there for them.


Our clients rely on us because we deliver our services consistently. If we say we will generate a report each month for you, we will.


Being wealthy and especially inheriting wealth often defines part of who you are. We recognize that being discreet about your wealth will help you show others that you’re a lot more than the size of your investment portfolio.


Our services are customized to meet your needs. From the way we keep your books, to the way we generate reports for you, everything we do is tailored however you desire.


We work as a team of professionals bringing you the most sophisticated wealth and estate planning strategies. We recommend plans that are easy to understand and administer.


Our bookkeeping services focus heavily on clients with portfolios of stocks, bonds, and real estate. We keep your accounting records up to date whether your assets are held in a holding company or in your own name.


When you have accounts with multiple banks, investment brokers, your home, your cottage, rental properties, and shares of private (or family) businesses, consolidated reporting will show you the big picture so you can make better more strategic decisions.

Private Banking

As your personal CFO, we can make dealing with your bank very easy. No longer will you ever have to call a 1-800 number or wait in line at a branch. We make banking a pleasure.

Investment Services

Our investment services help you align your portfolio with your personal values. We create a customized investment policy for each client that will guide our decisions.

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