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Investing for Climate: Practical Strategies

As the urgency of climate change continues to grow, more investors are recognizing the importance of integrating climate values into their investment portfolios. Investing for... read more


Myth of the Average Stock Return

Investors often grapple with an investing paradox. While the stock market is a fantastic place to grow wealth, most individual stocks are not. The phenomenon... read more


Is a Family Trust a Good Idea?

Is a family trust a good idea? Picture this: a maze of family trusts, promising shelter for assets and strategic tax benefits, yet concealing hidden... read more


Original S&P 500 Stocks vs Updated Index

The original S&P 500 stocks were re-introduced in 1957 as a stock market index to track the value of the 500 largest listed American companies including all sectors. What... read more

Streamline an Accounting Practice

Streamline An Accounting Practice Using Family Office Partnerships

Most accountants know the best way to streamline an accounting practice is to successfully apply technology. But an often-overlooked aspect of streamlining an accounting practice... read more

rate of return

What is a Good Rate of Return?

What constitutes a "good" rate of return can be elusive and highly subjective, varying significantly from one investor to another based on their individual financial... read more

T3010 Compliance for Family Foundations

T3010 Compliance for Family Foundations: 2024

T3010 Compliance for Family Foundations is an important consideration. Our family office manages several family foundations. And, there are a few things in the T3010... read more

what does a family office do

What does a family office do?

What does a family office do? As a personal CFO, our family office is focused on reducing the administrative burden of wealth, so that our... read more


Family Foundations Challenges: Top 20

Family foundations are often formed with the best intentions. But, like many family businesses, family foundations also struggle to survive past the founding generation. What... read more


Cottage Succession Planning: Topics for Consideration

Cottage succession planning is one of the most emotionally charged and difficult aspects of an estate plan. Unlike a stock portfolio, cottages are touched by... read more

successful investing

Successful Investing: 19 Lessons

Successful investing might be easier to achieve than many might expect. The trick is not using some complicated strategy. But instead, sticking to simple, easy... read more

capital costs vs operating costs

Capital Costs vs Operating Costs for a Cottage

The nuances between capital costs vs operating costs are essential to understand for Canadian cottage owners. Effective financial management of these properties not only impacts... read more