Wealth Services

Consiglieri – we will act as your most trusted advisor when you need to make decisions about the direction of your financial life. We will engage with your other professional advisors to ensure they undertake the work you have charged them with.

Estate Planning – we will work with you to periodically review your will & estate plans and make recommendations for improvement. This often involves talking out the choices you can make, and co-ordinating the advice of a lawyer and accountant.

Generational Transfer – we will work with your entire family to educate and train the next generation. This means we will hold seminars covering particular topics and also work with individual family members to ensure their own wealth management process is in place.

Philanthropy – we will help co-ordinate your philanthropic goals. This means working with your tax advisors (accountant) to make tax advantaged charitable gifts and by creating a plan that may use a family foundation or donor advised fund(s).

Charity Search – we will search for and recommend charities and charitable missions that help you achieve your philanthropic goals. This includes identifying charities, evaluating charitable programs, and holding donees accountable.

Charitable Foundation – we will maintain books & records for your family foundation. This means doing the bookkeeping and keeping the corporate or trust records up to date. We may also work with investment advisors to manage the investments of your foundation.

Holding Companies & Trusts – we will maintain the books & records for your various holding companies & trusts. We will also do the accounting for your real estate investments & projects.

Delegating Responsibility and Decision Making – we will work on your behalf to manage service providers such as property managers, personal service providers, travel arrangements, and provide other management functions for your various enterprises.

Coordinating, Mediating, Facilitating Discussions (safe space) – we will host family meetings where all family members can feel safe to express their feelings & opinions about their financial affairs. We will allow for your family to have constructive conversations and promote family harmony.

Documentation – we will document your Wealth Management Process so that you own a plan that details the customized way you manage your finances. This documented process can be passed down to future generations for further refinement.

Professional Search – we will search for and recommend professional advisors such as accountants, lawyers, private bankers, mortgage brokers, etc. We will also manage their work so that you save time and receive the best service.