Consolidated Reporting Service

Our comprehensive Consolidated Reporting Service is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of wealthy investors and charitable foundations. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes bookkeeping, documentation, reporting, and regular reviews that include recommendations for continuous improvement.


  • Organized Statement Storage: Securely save statements and tax documents in a structured Year/Account format on shared drive platforms preferred by clients such as Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, and Sync.
  • Controlled Access: Delegate and audit access to essential documents with accountants, lawyers, auditors, internal staff, etc.
  • T-Slip Checklist: Creation of a comprehensive checklist for T-slips and other tax documents to ensure stress free tax compliance.


  • Accounting Record: Utilizing bookkeeping software including QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Sage; we provide shared access to both clients and their accountants for seamless collaboration.
  • Annual Financial Statements: Generation of financial statements and trial balances for accountants.
  • ACB Tracking: Maintenance of a detailed record for Adjusted Cost Bases (ACBs).


  • Detailed Financial Insights: We leverage data visualization software using PowerBI or Tableau to provide investment portfolio reporting.
  • Client Dashboard and PDF Reports: Provision of a web dashboards and PDF reports showing key financial & portfolio metrics.


  • Flexible Review Schedules: Offering monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews according to client preference.
  • Expert Recommendations: Presentation of reports complete with our professional recommendations.
  • Family Meetings: More than just another review. Our family meeting service supports adding purpose to your wealth management process.