Investing Services

Identify Your Values – we will work with you to identify your core family values. Your core values will inform your financial & investment objectives.

Investment Policy – we will draft and periodically update your Investment Policy. This document is the business plan for your investment portfolio and will help you & your investment advisors make decisions.

Manager Search – we will search for investment managers that reflect your objectives. We will also review current managers and provide you with an independent evaluation about their performance.

Impact Investing – we will ensure your investment portfolio reflects your values. This can include helping co-ordinate your impact investments.

Monitor Investments – we will implement a measurement system to evaluate the progress of your investments. Then, we will use statements and reports provided by your investment managers to evaluate their performance. We will also incorporate data about your other holdings (real estate, private equity, etc) to create consolidated reports of your total investment portfolio.

Reporting – we will provide you with regular reports (monthly or quarterly) showing you the performance of individual investments and consolidated reports comparing all your investments. These reports will be customized to suit your preferences.

Review – we will schedule a regular meeting (monthly or quarterly) to systematically review your investment portfolio and provide recommendations that will make improvements.

Sounding Board – we will be your sounding board when you are making investment decisions.