Foundation Management Services

We pride ourselves by delivering a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for foundations. Including the intricate details of bookkeeping, tax returns, and bylaw formulation, we’re here to ensure your foundation thrives by removing the stress of administration so you can focus on purpose & impact.

We work with allied professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and investment managers to deliver certain services.

Contact Us to learn more about how we can assist your foundation in amplifying its impact, all while ensuring compliance, transparency, and efficiency.

Assistance with Foundation Setup:

  • Guidance on the setup and registration as a charitable organization.
  • Ensuring compliance and understanding of all regulatory requirements.


  • Detailed record-keeping of all financial transactions.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial tracking.


  • Customized updates on the foundation’s operations & investments.
  • Ensuring donor transparency and accountability.
  • Comprehensive Impact Measurement and Reporting

Annual Resolutions:

  • Facilitation of annual meetings and documentation.
  • Drafting and recording key decisions made (resolutions).


  • Creation and amendment of foundation bylaws.
  • Ensuring legal compliance and organizational clarity.

Investment Policy:

  • Crafting policies that align with the foundation’s objectives.
  • Regular reviews to maximize returns and ensure ethical investing.

Gifting Policy:

  • Establishing clear guidelines for accepting and disbursing donations.
  • Guaranteeing that gifts align with the foundation’s mission.

Professional Collaboration:

  • Working closely with lawyers to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborating with accountants to ensure tax compliance.
  • Teaming up with investment advisors for investment strategy.
  • Engaging with fundraisers to maximize donation opportunities.

Consultation Services:

  • Assistance in formulating gift acceptance, investing, and granting policies.

Gift Planning & Acceptance:

  • Strategizing for both current and future gifts.
  • Managing the receipt of donations in various forms: cash, securities, insurance policies, and estate gifts.

Tax Receipting:

  • Issuing accurate and timely receipts for tax deductions.

Regulatory Reporting:

  • Meeting annual requirements like T3010 filings and donor-specific reporting.

Corporate Secretarial Services:

  • Overseeing administrative functions, including minute-keeping, annual resolutions, and official document management.


  • Managing donor grant recommendations and fund disbursements.

Document Creation:

  • Drafting donor agreements, gift forms, and other vital program documents.

Marketing Collaterals:

  • Providing a program guide, FAQs, and explanations on disbursement quotas to enhance visibility and understanding.
  • Maintain foundation website, e-mails, and other IT support.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we aim to empower charitable foundations, allowing them to prioritize their philanthropic initiatives while we manage the intricacies behind the scenes.