Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide specialized bookkeeping and tax preparation services to wealthy investors, holding companies, and charitable foundations.

In order to invest with purpose, we all need a clear investment policy that will guide our decisions. An investment policy is a document that’s used by your advisors to guide their recommendations. When you have an investment policy, its much easier to get the most from your investment portfolios and professional advisors.

Many investors want their investment portfolios to reflect their personal values. They want their investments to support environmental sustainability and social justice. We provide services and advice on how to make your investment portfolio reflect your specific ESG values. These services include regular reviews, drafting Investment Policies, working with your investment managers to ensure compliance, manager search, and reporting services.

We serve wealthy investors with more than $100 million of assets in their portfolios. Typically, our clients have both personal/family investments and charitable foundations. Our clients are typically responsible for their family members, their employees, charitable commitments, and future generations. They recognize that professional management is the best way to steward their wealth.