Junior Investment Associate

Markdale Financial Management is looking for a part-time Junior Investment Associate to join our team. As a Junior Investment Associate, you’ll gain valuable experience providing family office services to high net worth clients. This position is most suitable for a current undergrad at an Ontario University, and a future CFA or CPA candidate looking for experience working in financial services.

Your Qualifications

  • currently an undergrad in an Ontario University
  • demonstrate ability working with Microsoft Office suite
  • familiar with Quickbooks Online
  • comfortable learning WordPress and associated plugins
  • willing to contribute to marketing initiatives
  • suitable for future CPA or CFA candidates
  • location: WeWork @ 1 University Ave, Toronto
  • must be interested in finance/blockchains/marketing

This is a part-time job (10 to 20 hours per week) most suitable for an undergrad currently enrolled at an Ontario university (UofT, York, Ryerson, etc). The applicant must demonstrate their ability to work with Microsoft Office suite including WordExcel, and PowerPoint, by completing a short challenge task we will provide.

Candidates must have an interest in finance as the successful applicant will be working with the associated web based financial reporting systems (web based dashboards) that support our investments. The successful applicant will be using Quickbooks Online to reconcile transactions and Microsoft Office to create reports for our clients.

Why Should You Apply?

  • gain valuable experience providing family office services
  • jumpstart your career while completing your degree
  • gain access to our extensive professional network

As a Junior Investment Associate, you’ll work with a Project Manager to outline the scope of your work, create a timeline for development, and to review your completed tasks.


This position is most suitable as a part time job for an Ontario university student, but anyone is welcome to apply. Send your resume to [email protected] if you are interested in joining our team.


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