Accounting Services

Bookkeeping – we download or scan your banking and investment statements each month and save them to a shared folder that you can access. Then, we enter those transactions into an accounting software such as Quickbooks or Xero that you can access.

Reporting – each period (monthly or quarterly) we will generate income statements for you. These statements will show you your income and expenses in a way you prefer (detailed or simplified, for individual entities and/or consolidated).

Budgeting – with your input, we will prepare budgets that can be used to evaluate your financial goals.

Correspondence & Accounting Administration – when your accountant needs information, we will provide details and provide access to shared folders.

Record Keeping & Documentation – we will receive mail, scan it, and save to shared folders. This way, your financial records are kept in an organized way that is both secure, accessible and illustrative.

Filling Out Forms – we will fill out forms for your bankers, investment advisors, CRA, government, municipalities, accountants and lawyers to reduce your administrative burden.

Annual Review – we will work with your accountant to schedule and attend an annual review of your tax position. Afterwards, we will act as your sounding board to discuss the recommendations received.

Recommendations – although we do not provide tax advice, we will provide you with regular recommendations to improve your accounting process.