James Dunne

James Dunne

Managing Director

James Dunne founded Markdale Financial Management in 2014 in order to serve his clients in the best possible way.

He started his career at ScotiaMcLeod where he was an associate dealing exclusively in exchange-traded derivatives. James was responsible for transactions in overseas trading sessions with Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. After graduating from the University of Toronto, he started managing investment portfolios for private clients which led him towards creating a family office to serve a small number of high net worth clients.

James cares deeply about financial freedom and he believes financial goals are important. He enjoys learning about Canadian history, he loves golfing, and running around Kempenfelt Bay. James is a member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and he also enjoys being a Trustee for the George Brown Memorial Foundation, a registered Canadian charity (private foundation).


Specialized for investors

The bookkeeping process primarily records transactions. We leverage the power of Quickbooks and other accounting software so that you can view your balances online and easily share with your accountant and other tax advisors. We make filing your taxes (personal & corporate) easy.

Custom Reporting

See the big picture in custom formats

We build custom reports so you can see your holdings in any way you like. We can do this using Excel, but we can also deploy a web based reporting system where you can login to see custom views on a real time basis. Our consolidated reporting will bring together all your assets from various brokers, real estate, and private businesses.

ESG/Sustainability Mandates

Become more than a passive investor

We have experience working with investors who care about more than just the bottom line. Including taking into consideration how your holdings reflect your values, which investment managers to work with, how to communicate with them, and also shareholder activism that promote ESG issues.

Tax Prep

Preparing your taxes should be easy

Preparing tax returns, whether for individuals, corporations, or partnerships, is an administrative task that requires organization and accuracy. Tax prep means keeping accounting records in a reliable up to date way so that when its time to file returns, we have accurate data at our fingertips which we can share with our accountants.

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